Sometimes life happens when we least expect it and there may come a moment in life when carers require time-out from their roles. Whilst a rewarding and love-led role, even carers have families of their own, carers and day to day life administration that also requires their time and attention.

SummitCare recognises the valuable contribution carers make to society and provides full respite support services to allow these altruistic people a chance to take a break or tend to other matters.

SummitCare offers High Care Respite Services, providing this much needed break for carers which can also be a great opportunity for the care-recipient transitioning into full residential aged care.

Our Respite services offer planned programs of activities, from cards and gentle exercise through to education on a range of issues directly relating to your health and wellbeing. The homes also host themed events, barbecues, gardening workshops and much, much more.

These activities are designed to enhance physical, mental and social well being. All activities are conducted under the supervision of a fully qualified and experienced team. This ensures a safe, supportive, cheerful environment enabling participants to engage and socialise with others from their local community.

Enquire about our High Care Respite Services by contacting your local SummitCare Home to discuss your care needs today.

What’s included:

  • A nutritious lunch that accommodates special diets, with light refreshments served throughout the day
  • A variety of activities and themed events
  • Education sessions on topics such as falls prevention, continence management and education management
  • Outings to shops and places of interest.

*Additional services on request:

  • Basic health checks with a Registered Nurse
  • Basic allied health access
  • Hairdressing services
  • Transport services.

*Additional services incur a cost. Please speak to the General Manager of your SummitCare home for more information

Quality High Care Respite