This resident and family information is designed to be a guide for you. It provides general information about many topics. If you require more detail the SummitCare team at your centre will be able to assist you.

We are committed to deliver on our promise - Warmth Worth and Wellbeing. At SummitCare we provide caring and supportive aged care services to help our residents find a sense of wellbeing. We see residents as the main focus of all that we do. Our staff work together to ensure our residents can enjoy a contented and meaningful way of life and feel a true sense of wellbeing.

The Resident Handbook is available upon request from your centre, but should you wish to read and review this online please click here.  The handbook includes detailed information for residents, families and friends.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • wellbeing care and lifestyle
  • family communication
  • nutrition and diet
  • laundry and clothing
  • privacy and security
  • policies and procedures
  • power of attorney information

In addition to this handbook we encourage you to read our quarterly newsletter and blogs which you will find under the SummitChat section or you can click here.