Bringing different generations together and making happy memories.

In many of our residents situations, most have at some point raised children and grandchildren throughout their lives. Once they've grown and moved away, it can sometimes leave a gap in their lives where caring for others is no longer a daily activity. Having lived full and fascinating lives, our SummitCare community members have so many stories to tell.

Thanks to the support of the community, we have teamed up with multiple organisations to help bring the feeling of family and community closer to home, with our multi-generational programs designed to bring the youth together with the eldery and share their time and stories together.

Jesmond Callaghan College

Jesmond Callaghan College attended our Wallsend community for their 6 week year 12 pilot program, which involved the residents getting the chance to share with the students their life stories. At the end of the program the students were to create a presentation on what they had learned from our residents. This was a great opportunity for the residents to connect with the teens to share their lives and their adventures, and the students were left excited to return for their next session.

Another opportunity was created for the residents in our Baulkham Hills community to connect with young children and infants from the Whizz Kids Early Learning and Pre-School playgroup. This brought together laughter and smiles from our residents as they played with the children and participated in arts and crafts with a lovely morning tea in between.

Whiz Kids Playgroup

Playgroup NSW had also had a wonderful time at our Wallsend home, inviting the youngsters in for play time with the residents. Great fun was had by everyone involved, and there wasn't a frown in sight. The music, arts and crafts and of course cuddle time was all appreciated and left everyone feeling happy and content.

Playgroup NSW

Inviting conversations and play time between generations is a great way to keep social activity amongst the residents in our SummitCare homes. This can have many health benefits for the residents, with their emotional and mental well-being, as we keep them connected with society.

SummitCare and all staff involved are incredibly grateful for the participation of the community in assisting our elderly residents by generously volunteering their time. The results are truly wonderful to see, as the interactions create new and happy memories.