Giving recognition to our Carers

Aged Care Employee Day is an official day to thank, honour, recognise and celebrate the hundreds of thousands of people who work in the aged care industry across Australia. On August 7th, reach out to those who you know that work in this valuable industry and help recognise the incredible contribution they make to the lives of older Australians. 

‘Aged Care Employee Day’ is designed to celebrate each and every team member involved in the journey of caring for people who receive aged care services – from the nurses and care workers, to the cooks and hospitality teams, to the drivers, cleaners and laundry employees, to the volunteers, to the leisure and lifestyle officers and administration teams.

Here at SummitCare, we take great pride in our staff and the care they provide to the residents and visitors in our communities. So if you know someone who works at SummitCare, or if a family member or friend is cared for by a SummitCare employee, say thanks and let them know how much you appreciate what they do.

Below we have one such staff member who we would like to give special shout-out to.

Staff Spotlight - Doreen Sein

Doreen Sein has worked as a Registered Nurse at SummitCare Canley Vale for 26 years. She
embodies SummitCare’s values of Warmth and Worth, and is loved and respected by staff, residents
and their families. We sat with Doreen recently to ask her about her journey as a nurse in aged care.

Q: How did you get into nursing?

Doreen was born and schooled in Burma. She always wanted to be a nurse, however when she finished her schooling she did not meet the age requirements to do nursing (had to be 18 years) and instead went into midwifery as it was the most closely aligned discipline. Doreen did midwifery for 6 years before becoming a general practice nurse, which she did for 3 years when she moved to Thailand to do missionary work. Doreen was placed at a camp in Thailand as a midwife, however her duties included general nursing. It was during her time here that Doreen learned to speak Cambodian and Thai.

In 1991, Doreen came to Australia to continue her nursing, however as she could not transfer her nursing registration, she had to complete a bridging course with the University of Wollongong during which time she worked at SummitCare Canley Vale as an Assistant in Nursing. Once registered, the leadership team at SummitCare Canley Vale were keen to have Doreen back as a registered nurse, and in 1992, Doreen secured a permanent position as an RN working afternoons and nights.

Q: What has kept you here in Aged Care?

It’s my heart”. Doreen expressed that in leaving her country to look after people around the world, she missed the opportunity to look after her own parents. When talking about caring for our residents, Doreen stated “I love them. These are all my parents”. This is apparent in the kindness and compassion that Doreen shows to all our residents. They look forward to seeing her, and families have even come back to visit Sister Doreen after the passing of their loved ones to express gratitude in the comfort she brought them.

After 26 years, Doreen now works 4 days a week providing therapeutic massage to residents for their pain management. Doreen is also seen regularly feeding residents, helping staff, supporting her colleagues and comforting families. She takes extreme care in her work and demonstrates love, care and patience in everything she does. She is an incredible asset to the SummitCare family and adds value to the lives of those around her.

Thank you Doreen, for all you have done for those in your care. This day is for you, to celebrate the incredible work you do, and to show you just how much you make a difference to the lives of older people.



Strapped for ideas on how you could give thanks to an Aged Care employee? Visit the national Aged Care Employee Day website for some extra hints and tips! Feel free to download the official Aged Care Employee Day thank you card if you would like to write your very own personal message to a staff member you wish to give thanks to.

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