3.6 million Australians are not doing any exercise at all and over half say they mostly sit on a typical work day…sound familiar?
According to research conducted by The Heart Foundation only;
  • 20% of adults meet the national guidelines for enough exercise (30 minutes, five times a week) 
  • 7% of children get the recommended one hour a day of exercise, meaning 600,000 children are inactive.
Older Australians are more active than younger Australians Adjunct Professor John Kelly, CEO – National of the Heart Foundation said, “Physical inactivity is one of the most significant global health crises. Our survey shows that levels of physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour in Australia remain worryingly high, which is a serious threat to our heart health and increases our risk of early death.”
30 minutes a day could be walking the dog, walking to work, vacuuming the house or doing a bit of gardening – it doesn’t have to be joining a gym or running marathon. It just means move more every day.
Exercise is only part of the story, eating healthy foods will also help to reduce your risk of heart problems (and other health issues). Most of us know what a healthy diet consists of but pressures of work and life, lack of time and fussy eaters (the children in our lives) sometimes make healthy eating difficult.
You don’t have to change everything overnight but making a few changes for example -  instead of eating meat (every night) swap it for a few serves of fish. Making small changes to your choices when you go shopping will put you in the right direction. 
See a few tips below;
  • Eat vegetables, whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds every day.
  • Choose healthier fats and oils.
  • Aim for two to three serves of fish and seafood per week.
  • Limit fried or baked foods, especially chips, biscuits, cakes and other baked cereal products.
  • Avoid adding salt to food. Choose ‘no added salt’, ‘low-salt’ or ‘salt reduced’ foods where possible.
  • Drink mainly water. Avoid sugar-sweetened drink
For more information on please visit https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/