Important news on the changes to Home Care coming on the 27th of February.

Since SummitCare introduced Home Care a few years ago it has become very popular, enabling people to enjoy an independent life in their home, with assistance provided by caring professionals as needed, directed by the clients themselves.  
We are proud to deliver services that focus on enhancing health, lifestyle and wellbeing through a range of services and supports.  The choice is always up to our clients. 
As a trusted provider of home care services, we want to ensure everyone understands the changes that are continuing in the industry. 

Changes to Home Care on 27th February, 2017

On February 27, 2017, there will be further aged care reforms in Australia, which will focus on Government-funded home care. The Commonwealth Government wants older people to be supported, empowered, and given more choice and control about the home care services they receive.  These reforms will significantly improve access and delivery of Home Care Packages such as:
  • Changing Providers: It will be easier for you to change providers if you wish ensuring that your funding and unspent funds follow you to your new provider
  • Package Allocation: Packages will be assigned to people based on their individual needs and circumstances ensuring people receive care in a fair and consistent way through a national queue of Home Care packages
  • Exit Fees: Providers may charge an exit fee which should be stated in your Home Care Agreement if in receipt of a package already. Make sure you review your agreement before switch providers.

What will remain the same?

Whilst there are several changes underway, a number of things that will remain the same:
  • Package Levels: Four Home Care Package levels will remain, ranging from fewer hours of care and services on level one through to more on level four.
  • Funding: The funding from the Government is still paid to your chosen provider – not to you personally.
  • Fees: The Home Care Package program fee structure and income-tested fee will remain the same, with assets including the family home still excluded from home care means testing.
  • Aged Care Assessments: An Assessment will still be required to determine your eligibility for Government-funded services to meet your needs.
  • Consumer Directed Care: You can manage your package as you require, as the consumer directed care approach will continue to underpin the system.
  • Supplements: Veterans, those living with dementia or those undergoing financial hardship will continue to be offered supplements in addition to the Home Care Packacge Subsidy.

Already have a Home Care Package?

If you are in receipt of a Home Care Package, you will continue to receive services at your existing package level, unless you would like to change Home Care providers.  

Assessed as eligible, however haven’t taken up a package?

For those assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package, however not yet receiving a package, from 27th February 2017 a national queue of Home Care packages will exist, and you will be allocated a Home Care Package once you reach the front of the queue. 
Your position in the queue depends on how long you have been waiting and your personal circumstances as assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team. 

If you have not been assessed?

If you have had an assessment, contact SummitCare Home Care on 1300 68 55 48 to speak with one of our Support Managers for information and support during the assessment process and obtain a free information pack.
From 27th February, SummitCare Home Care will provide Home Care Packages to people living across the Sydney Metropolitan region.  Expressions of Interest for SummitCare Home Care Packages are currently open.  Call today for a free Information Pack - phone: 1300 68 55 48.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about the changes in aged care or about SummitCare Home Care Packages, feel free to call SummitCare HomeCare on 1300 68 55 48 and our team will gladly provide you with all the  information and support you need.