We help families make better financial choices.

Brendan Ryan is the founder and principal, Later Life Advice

Later Life Advice was established by Brendan Ryan with the single purpose of helping Australians make better financial decisions around aged care.

The idea grew over the course of a decade, when Brendan worked extensively in the Aged Care Sector. During this time, he saw the need for a highly specialised service that cuts through the complex issues faced when organising and paying for aged care.

Australians receiving age care help, either at home or in a nursing home, are at the time of their lives when they will receive  the most significant financial support from the government. Not only is this support in the form of aged care cost help, but it may also include Centrelink Aged Pension, concessional Medicare treatment, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme help, discounts and concessions from government agencies as well as the various tax offsets and rebates offered to senior Australians.

At no stage in an Australian's life is the interaction with government more significant.  At no stage is this interaction more complex.

Later Life Advice works to arm clients with the information and tools to cut through this complexity. For more information please click here.