The Single Quality Framework and what it means for you

What is the Single Quality Framework?
The Single Quality Framework is a new set of standards for all aged care services and providers that will improve the approach for assessing provider performance against quality standards. 

These standards measure the quality of operational efficiency and performance and the care provided to the consumer.

What will the Single Quality Framework Do?

  • Increase the focus on quality outcomes for consumers

  • Recognise the diversity of service providers and consumers

  • Better target assessment activities based on risk

  • Reflect best practice regulation.

After extensive industry consultation and academic research, new standards are due to be implemented from 1 July 2019. As a result, SummitCare is reviewing current policies and processes to ensure they are aligned with the new single quality framework set out by the Australian Government.

The Government has committed to increasing funding for aged care by $5 billion over the next five years and have already committed to allow and facilitate older Australians to stay In their own homes for longer when they introduced “Living Longer and Living Better”. They will establish a robust risk profiling approach to support the new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to better identify risks to consumers and enable regulatory processes to respond quickly to care failures by aged care providers. 

This enhanced risk-based approach will identify and respond to individual and systemic risks to aged care consumers. It will determine the frequency and rigour of site audits to assess compliance against quality standards and will build a more responsive regulatory system.

The health, safety and wellbeing of older Australians who reside in aged care homes are of paramount importance. All SummitCare homes are proud to have a long history of full compliance and meeting all government standards.

What does this mean for you?
SummitCare is working closely with the Australian Government to ensure all standards are continuously met and our residents, family members and staff are safe in the knowledge that they are being listened to and looked after in the best and safest possible way. Health, safety and satisfaction in the care provided are of utmost importance and part of our core foundations for our values of Warmth, Worth and Wellbeing.

While the current standards focus primarily on assessing organisational performance against practices and processes for care delivery, the new standards will also assess organisational performance against outcomes achieved for consumers.

Ensuring our residents and family members understand their rights, SummitCare is improving and strengthening the path towards providing feedback to appropriate management and making complaints should issues arise. SummitCare welcomes feedback both positive and negative and encourages our families and residents to collaborate with us to ensure we meet their expectations each and every time.

These steps can ensure that:

  • Residents, their family, friends, carers and others are encouraged and supported to provide feedback and make complaints;
  • Residents are made aware of and have access to advocates, language services and other methods for raising and resolving complaints;
  • Appropriate action is taken in response to complaints and an open disclosure process is used when things go wrong;
  • Feedback and complaints are reviewed and used to improve the quality of care and services.

By building on this system of communication for feedback and complaints, it is allowing SummitCare the opportunity for continuous improvement in all of our services across each of our homes. As a result, quality care and services are received when you need them from people who are knowledgeable, capable, qualified and caring. This also means you are treated with dignity and respect and can maintain your identity. 

For more information about the Single Quality Framework and what it means for you, contact our team on 1300 68 55 48 or email

Alternatively, you can contact your local SummitCare home and speak with the General Manager.  Visit our Contact Us page for SummitCare home contact information.

The Single Quality Framework and what it means for you