SummitCare Christmas Parties

One of SummitCare’s key philosophies is to give its residents the opportunity to participate in activities should they wish to which is based on the wellbeing hub. We have a dedicated team of staff, primarily consisting of the Leisure and Lifestyle Officers (LLOs) who want to create an enjoyable atmosphere for all the residents who choose to stay in SummitCare’s homes. 

To do that, they organise events throughout the year. Events they’ve run include everything from celebrating father’s day, to getting musicians in to entertain the residents.

More recently, given the time of year, each of the homes across Sydney and Wallsend have held Christmas events for the residents.

When you’re a child, Christmas is a special time of the year and decorating the tree is something that you look forward to, and it’s no different for the residents. SummitCare Randwick residents had had fun getting the decorations out of the storage boxes and adding their personal touches to the Christmas trees. The best part about decorating the trees is that it keeps them active and the other residents and staff get to enjoy what they’ve done.

It wasn’t just SummitCare Randwick that had fun preparing for Christmas this year, SummitCare Canley Vale did as well. Along with the Christmas trees, residents put up stockings and dressed up in Christmas themed outfits.  The residents were also entertained by singers who sung Christmas carols and served up a delicious Christmas lunch. These activities are really important for the residents because they add a sense of belonging and make the place feel like home. 

SummitCare St Mary’s also got in on the act with the staff throwing a party for the residents. It was great to see so many of the residents get dressed up. Santa Claus himself even made an appearance and gave the residents bags filled with goodies. 

Sometimes it’s hard to know if there’ll be the opportunity to socialise when you’re in a residential care facility. Well, Baulkham Hills residents would certainly agree that there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with other residents. Baulkham Hills staff held a party for residents last week where there was plenty of singing, dancing and putting up the Christmas decorations.

These activities help lift the spirits of residents and give them the opportunity to participate in a joyous occasion.

Check out the pictures below.

SummitCare Christmas Parties