SummitCare Donates $10,000 to Australian Bushfire Appeal

Sydney Aged Care provider SummitCare, on behalf of their staff, has today announced a pledge of $10,000.00 towards the Australian Bushfire Appeal in a bid to support local families and communities that have been affected by the recent bushfires.

Intended for the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) SummitCare staff will be supporting the local brigade services in their heroic efforts in fighting the fires. “We are deeply committed to caring for people and providing assistance wherever it is needed. This donation was an easy decision to make and we are extraordinarily proud of our staff for coming together in such a time of need to support others.” explained SummitCare’s Chief Operating Officer Michelle Sloane.

Along with the initial donation amount, SummitCare staff from all residential aged care homes across Sydney and Newcastle are also coordinating their own individual fundraisers to boost the donated amount even further. Looking to gather the support of their families and friends of residents, with the aid of the local community and support services, everyone is playing their part to do what they can for the heroes that have been battling the fires that have been impacting our country since September in 2019.

“Many families and staff have been affected by the fires personally and have been watching other communities struggle also. As a result, and in order to feel that we are doing something constructive, we have placed orange balloons out at the front of our home to go with our fundraising efforts, to visibly show our support to the firefighters. 

As General Manager and with staff to support, we are grateful for the opportunity to pitch in to help the lives of those near and far going through this difficult time.” said SummitCare Wallsend General Manager, Robyn Blackwell.

SummitCare maintains it’s philosophy that “We are people providing care and service to people”. Not just in aged care, but to all people and to all of our communities. For contact information on individual SummitCare homes organising and making donations, visit our website at, call 1300 68 55 48 or email 

SummitCare Donates $10,000 to Australian Bushfire Appeal