SummitCare Liverpool

When we got to The Window of Love, it  was done up, including a 90 banner and balloons. And there was mum sitting in her chair waiting for us – a party hat on her head, a birthday broach, and her lips sparkling with bright lipstick!

We were given a mobile phone number to ring so we could hear everything inside and mum could hear us.

We sent in an ice cream cake as that’s what mum can eat (on puree) and lots of presents, flowers and big bunch of balloons. The staff went through these one by one with mum then arranged them all around her. I had organised to receive letters from the Prime Minister etc when one turns 90. I had them in a folder.

Our new General Manager Pavan read each one of them to mum. You could see the happiness on her face.

Then Robbie, an AIN, sang a few songs to mum, including Danny Boy – her favourite. The LLO Julietta had the song printed off so the staff could join in and we could also, out on the verandah.

We were able to sing Happy Birthday to mum while a nurse held her cake – the staff joined this as well.

While we were not inside with mum, she could see and hear us, so we partied like we were inside!

The staff were absolutely amazing – we could feel the love they were giving to mum on the verandah, and we could see how much they were fussing over her on this special day.

All of them – not just a few – but many staff members came to wish mum a happy day and joined in a little bit of the celebration.

My family and I are indebted to the staff at Liverpool 173. On a day that started a bit sad for us that we couldn’t get inside, ended with us leaving the facility feeling that mum could not have had a better birthday celebration.

That afternoon I was sent pictures of mum’s room showing all the flowers in place, cards all around and her balloons positioned so she could see them.

So, thank you Summit Care staff. Thank you for taking such good care of mum (and dad) and for making her 90th birthday so special. We appreciate it much more than you could know.

Kind regards,


SummitCare Liverpool