Meet SummitCare’s Employee of the Month … Buddy!

Sometimes the best people aren’t even people at all! Superstar and all-round favourite staff member, Buddy, has the lucky job of spreading joy and comfort to everyone he meets at SummitCare.

Accompanied by his colleague (owner) Corporate General Manager – Business Optimisation, Gary Cadwallender, Buddy does his rounds diligently, making sure each resident is greeted with a huge grin.

SummitCare Chief Operating Officer, Michelle Sloane says that animal and pet therapy programs have clinical benefits for residents, but are fun and enjoyable for everyone, staff, residents and visitors, to have around.

Aged care centres, retirement villages and hospitals can benefit from regular visits from animals trained to offer support and companionship to people in an unfamiliar or stressful environment,” she says.

Animal therapy programs make a big difference in the world of aged care. During times of stress, sadness and change, animals bring a sense of calm and acceptance. Not only has it been proven to lower blood pressure and healing time, animal therapy also does wonders for mental health and wellbeing.

For people living with dementia, pet therapy can reduce common feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and confusion. Regular visits from animals can assist in alleviating some of the anger, frustration and helplessness experienced by people with dementia. 

The most common therapy animals that visit aged care centres and hospitals are dogs, like Buddy. Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them great for almost anyone. They are naturally a great companion for humans and can provide comfort and friendship, while often evoking happy memories of childhood and family.

Buddy loves to follow behind Gary and excitedly wave his paws about for anyone who passes by. With excellent bed-side manner and a strong can-do attitude, Buddy takes on any task set to him with a fierce determination.

His boundless energy and friendly personality make him an excellent employee of SummitCare and we love to see his enthusiasm to help our residents feel happy and relaxed. Buddy brings such happiness to everyone he meets,” says Michelle.

“His cheeky personality lights up the room and our residents love to keep him busy with pats!”

Great work, Buddy! You’re definitely a SummitStar in our books!

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Meet SummitCare’s Employee of the Month … Buddy!