Thank you for your interest in SummitCare’s Guide To Ageing Well.

There are about 3.3 million people in Australia aged 65 and older, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These are mums, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles – each of them very precious to their families, who consider them one in a million!

However, they may require support at some stage. Perhaps someone to visit them at home and help them with the garden or their cooking. Or nursing services at home. Or residential aged care, where they can join a vibrant community and live the life they want to live.

SummitCare understands all of these life stages. For over 50 years we have been supporting the wellbeing of thousands of people in Sydney and in the Newcastle area – and their families. We're award-winning aged care experts offering in-home support, respite and residential care.

Why Choose SummitCare?

  • Our promise – we strive to improve the life of all our customers, residents and their loved ones through our focus on creating nurturing, warm and welcoming communities where each individual has a sense of worth.

  • We’re experienced and passionate – SummitCare is a family-owned group with more than 50 years’ experience and strong values, including trust, respect, loyalty, integrity, friendship.

  • Our people are our greatest asset – we have a key focus on staff development, performance and culture. Our team comprises highly skilled individuals, passionate about promoting every aspect of wellbeing for our customers, residents and loved ones.

  • We celebrate excellence – our knowledge helps us to drive and deliver excellent care; from our specialist behavior support strategies to nutrition, tasty meals and carefully planned social and recreation activities.

  • We exceed expectations – our customer, resident and family engagement survey results show more than 80% satisfaction. This feedback process ensures we always provide quality, consistency and outstanding value.

For all these great reasons and many more, the SummitCare team is recognised by peers and other industry leaders, and we are the first aged care provider in Australia to receive the Gold Award in the Australian Business Excellence Awards.

Your free guide

We know there are many questions about what support is available and how to access the support, but few answers in plain and simple language. That’s why we’ve produced our Guide to Ageing Well. It includes real questions and straightforward answers, with options and tips that may help to support you and those you love now and in the future.

To receive your copy, simply fill in your details on this page and a link will be emailed to you. If you have any queries, please feel free to call SummitCare on 1300 68 55 48.