At SummitCare, providing you with the best service and an outstanding experience is absolutely at the core of everything we do each and every day.

The SummitCare culture, which is to embrace residents as if they were an extension of our own family, is embedded in each team member from the registered nurses through to the leisure and lifestyle team and maintenance crew.

To ensure we are always on-track and to show our commitment to our community’s total health and wellbeing we continually ask; “Is there anything else we can do?” and “How happy are you with the services we provide?”.

We do this by conducting surveys via telephone, face to face and online with both families and staff. We use a third party organisation called QPS to conduct the surveys, validate them and benchmark SummitCare to other providers in the aged care industry.

These 7 years of feedback are crucial to ensuring that you as a family member, friend or resident feel that you have a voice in your SummitCare journey, and that what you tells us really does assist us in improving all our services.

If you or your loved one would like to get in touch with SummitCare to share your feedback, we would love to hear from you. You can email or call us directly at 1300 68 55 48.

Resident Care and Service Results