Executive Chairman
Leadership team
"At SummitCare we are committed and promise to provide all our families with excellence in care and, a supportive partnership that will enhance all aspects of 'living and ageing well.'

I would like to welcome you all as Executive Chairman of SummitCare. At SummitCare we embrace the transforming aged care landscape as we move to an exciting time where you and your families have choice over the care and support you need and desire.

We strive everyday to live up to our credo of Warmth Worth and Wellbeing.

Our residents and families remain our number one priority and we can only achieve this through the dedication of our wonderful team who make up our SummitCare family - they are truly the pillar of everything that we stand for at SummitCare.  As always my thanks go to each and every person in our team.

As we reflect and celebrate on over 50 year caring for our older community we also look forward to an future where, together our SummitCare family will grow from strength to strength.

Yours warmly

Peter Wohl