Executive Manager - Assets & Property
Leadership team
"Flexible living spaces that promote social connection, innovative designs that deliver better care and lifestyle outcomes for residents and a new lens on accommodation requirements will all lead to better care in our sector. At SummitCare our focus is always the residents, family members and the team - we go beyond merely what's required – and consider what could possible, to improve and enhance the lives of both our ageing population and the passionate people that work tirelessly to support them".

Shari joined the SummitCare Executive Team in July 2018.  A project manager offering a diverse range of competencies gained through experience across a number of sectors including property, construction, finance, and not-for-profits. Shari has a unique skill set that drives process, leads change, communicates, manages stakeholders, and a broad range of business support activities. Her ability to be versatile and adapt to change is  pivitol in the aged care sector both now and into the future.

Shari has spent the last two years at not-for-profit running policy and procedures. Prior to that she spent 10 years at Lendlease running bids for NSW and interstate construction projects. Shari has also spend significant time working with Local Government in property and asset  management in both Sydney and London.