SummitCare Mobile App is Coming

SummitCare is delighted to announce that our communication with families is about to be upgraded and simplified through a fabulous app called Hayylo. An award-winning client and family communication and enquiry management tool, Hayylo has been designed specifically for the Aged Care and Disability Care sectors. Once implemented, it will work as a unified communication platform to connect our residents across all of our homes and their families to SummitCare. For our family contacts, the Hayylo App Social Feed feature will provide a centralised, private and secure place for all updates regarding your family member in care – whether it be a SummitCare-wide update, a facility-based update or a personal update for your eyes only. Families can also use the app to book a visit appointment, or if it’s more convenient, SMS or email a request to visit. We will close our Facebook closed groups on the 18th of April, 2022 but keep our SummitCare  Business page open.

Easier, more secure communications for our SummitCare teams, Hayylo will streamline their day-to-day operations through the Hayylo Web application where all enquiries are centralised. These enquiries can be sorted and prioritised, with status reports that keep all parties up to date with progress. Our leisure and lifestyle teams will be able to stay connected to the Hayylo App on their phones as they move around our homes. Via the mobile app, they’ll be able to post photographs and messages to residents’ families using the secure Social Feed.

The timing of Hayylo’s introduction at SummitCare couldn’t be better as it address one of the biggest challenges that’s emerged through the COVID era – improved communication.

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