If you are living with diabetes, particularly as an older person, you may require support to help manage your medication, health and lifestyle. We can offer you professional support in the home and help minimise some of the complications associated with diabetes.

How can SummitCare assist?

  • Medication management
  • Creating diet and eating plans
  • Weight management
  • Monitoring blood glucose levels
  • Ensuring appropriate mobility and exercise.

We will be respectful and work with you to ensure that your individual needs are addressed. 

Facts on diabetes

According to Diabetes Australia, 280 Australians develop the chronic disease of diabetes every day, and almost 1.1 million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes. It says 3.3 million Australians are predicted to have type 2 diabetes by 2031.
This disease is one that is increasingly affecting our communities and SummitCare HomeCare understands the widespread impact. We provide professional support to help you manage your diabetes at home. 
Contact SummitCare HomeCare today for more information on how we can help you live with diabetes. For more information about diabetes, call the Diabetes Australia infoline on 1300 136 588.