Meet SummitCare’s Employee of the Month … Buddy!

Sometimes the best people aren’t even people at all! Superstar and all-round favourite staff member, Buddy, has the lucky job of spreading joy and comfort to everyone he meets at SummitCare. Pet therapy programs have clinical benefits for residents, but are fun and enjoyable for everyone, staff, residents and visitors, to have around.

Tech Connections Make Tough Times Easier

Bandwidth, back-up and brilliant staff are among the key ingredients of successful video conferencing in aged care, writes Natasha Egan in the August issue of Australian Ageing Agenda. In her story, Natasha profiles the work of SummitCare in facilitating staff communication and keeping connections alive between residents and their families. Here is an edited excerpt, printed with Natasha’s kind permission.

SummitCare Residents Dine in Style

Meal times are always a terrific, tasty opportunity for residents of SummitCare’s nursing homes to come together and enjoy fresh, nutritious food together.

The Future of Residential Aged Care

As we all know, Australia’s population is ageing. Currently, 3.7 million of us are aged 65 years and over — that’s about one in every seven people. And overall, Australians enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

What To Look For In An Aged Care Home

As Australians are living longer, many of us will be faced with the decision to look for an aged care residential home for ourselves or for a loved one.

Culturally Respectful Care for the Aged

Residents have a right to respectful care that promotes the things that are important to them. It’s based on our commitment that everyone we support lives in an environment filled with warmth, that we recognise their worth as a special and unique person, and that we focus at all times on their optimal wellbeing.