"Mum truly smiled yesterday and for once in months, even years, I slept peacefully!" Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to all three of you today and the team at Summitcare. The transition for them has been so easy which I didn't expect, given all the questions and the resistance I had from both of them which left me at times as a blubbering mess! Those days are over.

Mum and Dad struggled for so long and in so many ways because of life experiences (and also in health) and now to see them so happy and content is such a relief. I never in my wildest dreams (nor them) expected them to have the opportunity of living in such a beautiful place, with such caring staff to help them through what is supposed to be the hardest years. I know the next few years are going to be a breeze compared to what they have been through and I am eternally grateful.

Mum said to me yesterday, she has already left her old place mentally, this is her future and was excited about what the future holds, even if it may be short. As she is settling in, every day I am seeing her relax and be less stressed so hopefully the severity of the Parkinson's may decrease slightly as I know Parkinson's symptoms seem to be heightened for her, when she is on edge. Dad too is saying the same about Mum, so they're not going anywhere.