To promote optimum health and wellbeing, SummitCare develops partnerships with all residents to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve an active and socially engaged lifestyle in the manner that they choose.

Maintaining health and wellbeing in accordance with the residents’ needs, goals and preferences is a critical part of ageing well. By staying active in both mind and body, we can cherish the little moments that make life great and immerse ourselves in the things we enjoy most each and every day.

SummitCare aged care homes create engaging programs for all residents to partake in, be it a simple walk and talk group, a stroll in the local parks and reserves or gentle exercises and therapies developed by trained Allied Health professionals, you can be assured that there is something for everyone with a variety of options in place to suit your specific needs, interests and abilities.

Programs and activities

SummitCare offers each of our aged care homes a wide range of programs and activities for our residents and their families to enjoy. With a tailor-made and person-centred approach to your individual care plan, we ensure you don’t lose your independence, forcing you to give up on things that matter most to you.

At SummitCare we learn about what matters to you, such as the activities you enjoy doing, what you like to eat, where you have lived, what jobs you have done and your favourite places. We immerse ourselves in your world so that we see you, the person, and find as many ways as possible for you to feel valued and happy in an aged care environment.

An example list of programs we offer across our SummitCare aged care nursing homes are:

  • Bus outings
  • Exercise programs
  • Spiritual and cultural programs
  • Pet therapy
  • Arts and crafts
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Gardening and workshops
  • Cooking classes
  • Drawing Memories
  • Dance for Wellbeing
  • Concerts from local entertainers
  • Social events and more.

Ageing in place with SummitCare isn’t just about ageing at home. It’s about keeping our resident’s connected to their neighbourhood and community as part of a broader framework of “active ageing”, with the aim of improving their quality of life and giving them more control over their circumstances

If you would like more information on specific SummitCare programs, or if you would like to offer your business or volunteer services as part of one of our programs, we would be delighted to hear from you. Visit our Contact Us page to reach out to our teams or specific homes.

We are committed to supporting SummitCare residents to enjoy healthy, happy, safe and fulfilling experiences in our homes

Active Living