Wellbeing is about being the best you can be – physically, emotionally and spiritually. At SummitCare we will provide care and lifestyle choices to support you to live the life you want to live. It is our purpose to ensure everyone we support reaches their optimum wellbeing every single day.

At SummitCare, wellbeing is our focus and will always be central to everything we do.

Wellbeing is about ensuring that the physical, emotional and social needs of everyone we support are met, taking into account their individual requirements.

SummitCare strives to ensure we reach key goals: that everyone we support can live in an environment that is filled with warmth; that there is recognition of their worth as a special and unique person; and that there remains a focus at all times on optimum wellbeing.

How do we deliver wellbeing?

Our compassionate teams are highly experienced and trained to deliver a nurturing and supportive environment in our lovely residential centres.

SummitCare recognises and understands that you have the right to make decisions about the support you receive.

We ensure you get the support you require while maintaining important family and community connections.

SummitCare collaborates closely with our residents and their families to ensure you receive choice in care and lifestyle, delivered with honesty, trust and respect. This proactive approach encourages our consumers to maintain independence and be active partners in the support that we provide.

Our staff are also supported in their wellbeing, which helps them create a nurturing and supportive environment for our consumers.

At any age, and at every stage, the SummitCare wellbeing approach is designed to help you live the life you want to live.

Meeting personal preferences

We support many clients, each with different likes and dislikes. In promoting individual wellbeing, SummitCare learns about these preferences – be they dietary requirements, a love of lawn bowls, or anything else – and strives to factor those preferences into the daily lives of our clients.

Promoting optimal health

SummitCare wants each client to feel the best they possibly can. For some, this may mean focusing on physical health, while for others emotional, mental or spiritual support is what is needed. We will take the time to find out your health requirements, and work together to help you reach those goals.

Providing meaningful activities

Our clients come from many different backgrounds and experiences and enjoy a wide variety of interests and activities. SummitCare always aims to discover which activities provide the most joy and the most assistance to our clients and encourage participation in these to truly enhance their lives.

Supporting environment

SummitCare is an award-winning care organisation. Some of the reasons for this include our excellence in food service and the well maintained and safe environments we provide all our clients. Our residential homes have been expertly designed to cater to all our clients and their family’s needs, and all our support staff are highly trained, passionate individuals. At all times, your safety is our primary concern.

Supporting personal relationships

It is vital to us that our clients remain connected to others, in an environment of support, honesty and respect. SummitCare nurtures and fosters personal relationships, so everyone remains connected and is truly part of a community.

SummitCare goes beyond this: already a customer-centric organisation, its warmth, worth and wellbeing approach enhances its quality assurance and delivers a model of care with wellbeing at its core. This enables consumers to have more care choices. SummitCare focus on supporting wellbeing, which is different for each person at any given time in their journey. Everything we do is about ensuring that emotional, social and physical wellbeing is paramount.”

Consumers’ needs and preferences change, so our wellbeing support plan will also evolve to ensure we can meet these changing needs.”

SummitCare recognises that moving to an era of consumer-directed care and delivering service excellence with wellbeing at the core means moving to a higher level of customer focus.

Summitcare continue to bring to life our values of warmth and worth, ensuring our services are heartfelt and warm, and the worth of every individual is valued