Do you need reliable information on your financial options?

The financial changes to aged care in Australia since July 2014 have been complex.

SummitCare understands that navigating your way through these rules can be challenging. We know the confusion that can arise for those working through the cost implications and options available to you or to a loved one when entering residential aged care or choosing home care.

SummitCare is always available to support you through this financial journey. We have also met with a range of financial advisors, and can point you in the direction of several that specialise in helping you make the best financial decisions around your care requirements as you age. 

Affinity Aged Care: Aged care financial advice is a highly specialised field of which most financial planners only have a limited understanding. Affinity Aged Care’s financial advisers are aged care financial specialists and are strongly skilled to assist you or your loved one to make what can be a challenging transition with confidence and dignity.
The best way to fund and manage aged care depends on your specific financial circumstances and goals. Affinity Aged Care financial advisers are here to listen and focus on understanding the needs of each individual and their unique situation. 
Affinity's aged care financial advisers provide you with all the information and advice you need to make an informed decision, covering key issues such as:
  • fee structures and affordability of care
  • correct structuring of your assets and income
  • maximising your Centrelink/Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Pension entitlement
  • minimising the ongoing cost of aged care, and
  • decisions around keeping or selling the family home and your estate planning wishes.
Affinity guides you through the range of financial options available and the different care support services and packages available. Their skilled financial advisers anticipate any issues that might arise and explain the best way around them.
Navigating the aged care system adds unnecessary stress during the often emotional process of settling yourself or a loved one into an aged care facility.
Robert has more than 40 years’ experience as a financial adviser and now works exclusively to assist families to negotiate the complexities of the aged care system. He fully appreciates the emotional trauma that partners and families go through when settling a loved one into an aged care facility and prides himself on minimising the worry about all the financial aspects of the aged care process.
Robert has a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from the University of New South Wales, a Diploma of Financial Planning and a Diploma of the Australian Insurance Institute. He is also a Justice of the Peace (NSW).
With more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Don Swanborough specialises in assisting people with their financial, Centrelink and/or Department of Veteran Affairs needs when they, their partner or their parents need to enter an Aged Care facility. As an accredited Aged Care Professional he has extensive experience in guiding his clients through the complexities of the system and ensuring each reaches the best solution possible.
Don is committed to providing a smooth, ‘no surprises’ process for his clients as they deal with the financial aspects of aged care. He has assisted hundreds of clients to find the right aged care solution by stepping them through the process and making them aware of the financial outcomes of all their options, allowing them to make informed decisions.
Some common concerns clients have include the following:
  • Whether appropriate care is affordable.
  • Options around the refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) and the daily accommodation payment (DAP).
  • The difference between daily care fees and the means tested fee – if both are required and how much they will cost.
  • Whether the family home should be sold or rented and the consequences of doing so.
  • The impact this decision will have on Centrelink &/or Department of Veterans’ Affairs pensions and entitlements.
  • What clients need to tell Centrelink and when.
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At SummitCare we recognise this time of your life is an emotional one, and a time when your financial decisions are very important. Our focus and aim at SummitCare is to make your experience a good one and the transition as seamless as possible.

*Please note – our relationship with these advisors is purely for your benefit. SummitCare does not receive any financial compensation should you decide to use their advice, neither do we take responsible for your decisions.