SummitCare is committed to ensuring the safety of residents, relatives, staff and volunteers within our centres. As part of our commitment to safety, SummitCare holds a bimonthly Occupation Health & Safety and Risk Management forum, in addition to which, each centre has an appointed OH&S committee who hold regular meetings.

Fire Training

SummitCare centres conduct fire training for all staff members through Emcorp. Staff are trained in the use of equipment such as fire extinguishers, evacuation and general handling of an emergency fire situation. Mock fire training is also conducted, where staff practice evacuating residents under similar conditions. Residents may be involved in this training, however they may elect not to be involved.

Outbreak Management

In the residential aged care environment, outbreaks of infectious disease sometimes occur, despite the rigorous infection control principles that are applied throughout our centres. SummitCare utilises a strict outbreak management procedure, to contain the spread of infection, in these situations. During outbreaks, visiting is suspended so as not to spread the infection beyond the centre. Any outbreaks are reported to the public health unit and the aged care standards and accreditation agency; as per our critical incident procedure.


SummitCare kitchens are fully compliant with HACCP legislation. Food is prepared in accordance with the HACCP guidelines, as well as the Food Safety Standards of Australia.

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