Every resident deserves to belong

We build a community for all to enjoy and belong to

Every resident in our SummitCare nursing homes has a unique story to tell. SummitCare recognises and values the importance of combining a variety of different cultures, backgrounds and generations to develop a truly diverse community where the sense of self and belonging is nurtured.

For information about specific activities and programs at your local SummitCare aged care home, we welcome you to give us a call to speak with the team today.

Everybody belongs

By bringing meaningful programs into SummitCare aged care homes, we keep community connections alive and thriving to develop experiences that add quality and value to the lives of all residents. Intergenerational programs with local schools and kindergartens, local musicians and entertainers, pet therapy and bus trips to community hotspots are just some of the programs utilised by each of our homes to keep residents socially active and engaged together.

SummitCare is committed to bringing meaningful activities and supportive environments to all residents with a special focus on continuously improving our culture of respect and inclusion while exercising choice and independence for all.

  • Meaningful activities

    Tailored to suit all needs.

  • Supportive environments

    Always with a strong focus of what is required to gain the most.

  • Respect and inclusion

    Never feel alone, there is a place for everyone.

"A beautiful, resort - style aged care home. Staff are absolutely lovely"
V Hutchinson
Google Reviewer, 5 stars.
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Fine dining at

With the aid of our Executive Chef Amit Nagpal and professional dieticians who oversee every menu option prepared across all our homes, we bring each meal time a sense of community and belonging.

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