Our Culture and Values

Enabling wellbeing

We are people providing care and service to people.

At SummitCare, our purpose is to enable wellbeing for our communities.

Our Vision, Mission, Culture and Values underpins our Wellbeing Framework for our residents and staff every day.

Our Culture

We communicate regularly with customers and their families.
We negotiate care outcomes with customers and their families.
We work to continuously improve what we do and strive to achieve our goals.
We are a learning organisation.
We celebrate frequently and appropriately.
We are committed to a safe, enjoyable and quality workplace.
We build teams that positively impact our day-to-day challenges and foster innovation.
We do what we say we will do.

  • Warmth

    By providing a caring approach and environment.

  • Worth

    That everyone is important and will be cared for equally.

  • Wellbeing

    A sense of fulfilment that customers enjoy as a result of our care.

Our Values

  • 1

    Be welcoming at all times to customers and guests.

  • 2

    Be obliging and willing to learn.

  • 3

    Be respectful.

  • 4

    Demonstrate teamwork with colleagues.

  • 5

    Be honest with yourself, customers and colleagues.

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