Warm, professional support to help residents and families

According to Dementia Australia, there is an estimated 459,000 people in Australia living with dementia and this number is expected to rise to almost 590,000 by 2028 and 1,076,000 by 2058.

Our organisation stresses that those with dementia should be valued, supported and respected.

SummitCare Homes provide warm, professional support to help families manage the symptoms of memory loss and dementia. Our wonderful support experts help promote wellbeing and can lighten the load for carers.

How can we assist? SummitCare support strategies that help reduce symptoms and help manage the condition and slow its progression.

Our team can provide a range of services, including:

  • Dementia specific activities
  • Better visit app
  • Ongoing care review and support
  • Behavioural strategy plan
  • Experienced supportive staff
  • Support for the family
  • Nutritional meals
  • 24/7 and one on one care
We care about you

Wellbeing, dignity and quality

  • We promote wellbeing

    SummitCare believes in the wellbeing of every individual we ensure services are delivered to promote the wellbeing for people with dementia.

  • Dignity front of mind, always

    The practical help we offer through our SummitCare Homes is focused on dignity and care for all our residents and families. The support we provide is profound and you see the difference in the quality of care.

  • Quality dementia care

    Our team can provide a range of services to suit every resident's needs.

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