Clients. Our people. Resources. Quality. Leadership - these are our key areas of focus at SummitCare. Our Quality Management System Framework provides a practical way of ensuring the outcomes we desire for each of these areas are reached successfully. The framework ensures we improve in all these areas because it describes the essential features, characteristics and approaches that will drive us towards organisational success.

There are four key enablers for the Quality Management System Framework:

  • Information and Analysis, which includes our information systems that ensure effective communication.

  • Strategy and Planning, including the development, implementation and evaluation of our operational plans.

  • Processes and Services, including all Quality Management System manuals and other tools used to streamline our operation.

  • People, which ensures our staff receive education, training and recognition, and are satisfied in their jobs.

SummitCare has evidence that our Quality Management System is effective – we get this from feedback, process analysis, organisational performance and outcomes from internal and external process benchmarking.