Aged Care Fees & Charges

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You will have to consider the financial implications of moving into aged care and what you need to pay - we suggest you speak with an independent financial specialist, who specialises in aged care, who can advise you.

Below we have listed the various fees and payments that you may be required to pay.

What will I be asked to pay?

You may be asked to pay towards your care, accommodation and daily living costs. How much you pay depends on your financial situation. There are strong protections in place to make sure care is affordable for everyone.

The Australian Government sets the maximum fees for care and daily living expenses, and there are also rules about how much you can be asked to pay or contribute to your accommodation.

You may be asked to pay one or more of the following:

Fees for Extra Services and Additional Services

Additional fees may apply if you choose a higher standard of accommodation or additional services. These vary from home to home. Your aged care provider can supply you with details of these services and the fees that apply.

Our aim is to make your life as easy and simple as possible.

We have plenty of simple and easy to follow information available for you. We are always happy to explain about the costs associated with the care we provide. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with our friendly team who can assist you with providing more information, or view our Resource Page for downloads.

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care Service is very helpful in outlining what aged care services are available, how to apply for aged care and the fees associated with aged care. Their contact number is 1800 200 422 and their website is
SummitCare can also arrange contact with several independent financial advisors who specialise in helping you make the best financial decisions around care requirements as you age.

Contact Us on 1300 68 55 48 if you would like us to assist in arranging this for you.

We offer three methods for the payment of fees and charges:

  • Payment by Direct Debit

    This means that the amount on your statement will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account or credit card around the 5th working day of the month. E.g. For an amount due on a statement dated at the end of the month, the direct debit will be processed 1-2 weeks after the end of the statement month.

  • Payment by Direct Deposit

    This means that you can deposit the stated amount to our bank account at any Westpac Branch. For this process we will supply you with our BSB number, account number, name of bank account and a Direct Deposit Identification number (DDIN). It is important that you use the DDIN in the description or reference of your payment (depending on your bank) as this will help us to identify that the deposit is in relation to your account.

  • Group Schedule

    This is available for pensioners or DVA Care Recipients who choose to have the pension paid into the Care Recipient trust account. A trust statement will be issued each month with the trust balance.

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