Assessing Your Needs

Finding a residential aged care home near you and understanding the steps needed to enter aged care can be a daunting and overwhelming process. Below we’ve simplified the process, breaking it down into steps, to make this easier for you.

1. You will need an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment done for admission into any residential aged care facility in Australia (or to receive a government funded home care package). This will help determine the care you require, and your eligibility. This can be arranged by contacting My Aged Care at They will be able to refer you to your local assessment team.

2. Once advised on your eligibility, you will be sent your assessment. My Aged Care has a ‘Find a Service’ online directory which will help match a service to your requirements. We recommend you also do your own research to ensure you find an aged care home that best suits you.

3. You will have to consider the financial implications of moving into aged care and what you need to pay - at this point we suggest you speak with an independent financial specialist, who specialises in aged care, who can advise you.

4.You will need to apply to the aged care homes that you wish to live in, placing your name on their waiting lists.

5. Once a place is available, you will complete the necessary paperwork and undergo orientation at your chosen nursing home so you can move in.

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