2020 Year in review

2020 has been a year like no other, with everyone’s lives affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite the events of the last 12 months SummitCare has remained committed to the care and treatment of everyone in our care.

Since the pandemic was announced SummitCare have taken steps to ensure we stay COVID free and have been diligent to ensure we continue to keep our residents safe.

We have run several initiatives and programs to keep the residents engaged and active this year.

All our staff have been under increased pressure because of COVID-19 and it’s been thrilling to see our staff step up and go above and beyond to ensure all our residents have received the best possible care and that their safety has been the number one consideration. In early December we recognised their efforts with the annual staff appreciation awards where homes and individuals were recognised in various categories.

Although our homes have been in lockdown throughout various times that has not prevented us from ensuring that residents can still be connected with the outside world. We have helped residents maintain those connections with Windows of Love where residents have been able to see their loved ones through a glass window and chat to them on the phone. For residents whose family don’t live locally we have provided iPads and other technology so they can have video calls with their loved ones.

Every month there have been birthday celebrations where we have celebrated individual residents. December has also been busy with Christmas parties at all of our homes. The residents were treated to delicious Christmas food and entertained with putting up the Christmas decorations and singing Christmas carols throughout the month.

SummitCare’s management team have been working closely with all of our teams to ensure the best outcomes for staff, families and residents.

We have also been one of a limited number of aged care providers to participate in Dementia Australia’s Community of Practice program which involves the establishment of a number of communities of practice for aged care workers across Australia. The program runs until June 2021 and has received support from the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation.

We can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring and we’re sure it will be a great year for everyone involved with SummitCare.

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