A love for food, family and Fayette

Resident at SummitCare Randwick, Gunnar has a rich tapestry of accomplishments and experiences that spans continents. Born in 1934, in the charming town of Skona, southern Sweden, Gunnar’s life journey has been marked by remarkable achievements that have left an enduring impact.

Opportunity knocks

At the tender age of 14, Gunnar’s trajectory took a pivotal turn. His mother recognised his potential and enrolled him in a prestigious European hospitality school. Graduating from this institution bestowed both honour and opportunities upon its students, laying the foundation for Gunnar’s future triumphs. Post-graduation, Gunnar embarked on a series of exhilarating experiences. His travels led him to the vibrant heart of New York City, where he soaked in invaluable experiences. Exploring the world through work with diverse shipping companies became a cherished occupation for many Swedes, and Gunnar fully embraced the chance for global exploration.

Love and legacy down under

In 1961, Australia beckoned, becoming the stage for Gunnar’s next chapter. Here, he would find love and build a life. Marrying Fayette in 1962, he began to establish his roots in a land where Sweden often drew confusion with Switzerland, especially in those pre-Volvo and Ikea days.

Gunnar’s contributions were spotlighted in 2007 when his name graced the Welcome Wall at the Australian National Maritime Museum where his accomplishments were recognised. The Lundgren family shared in the pride of seeing Gunnar’s name is etched on the esteemed wall.

A brush with royalty

A captivating detail from Gunnar’s past unveils a meeting with the now Swedish King Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus. This cherished encounter remains a treasured memory, adding a royal touch to Gunnar’s extraordinary life journey.

Food and family

Gunnar’s culinary journey unfolded with a series of well-known restaurants before he ventured into entrepreneurship with “The Astor Swedish Restaurant. ”Introducing Swedish flavours to an unfamiliar Australian palate, he spearheaded culinary exploration. Years later, Gunnar sought a rhythm of life with more predictable hours and transitioned to catering.

With three children, Gunnar and his beloved wife, Fayette shared a profound passion for food, often exploring eateries together. The DOG (Duke of Gloucester) became a frequented spot for their family, cherishing moments around the table. Yet, amidst the joy, tragedy struck with the loss of their beloved daughter, Chantal. Her memory continues to inspire the family’s commitment to well-being.

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