First, last and always. SummitCare puts residents right in the centre.

The term ‘resident-centered care’ is used a lot in the aged care sector. But what does it really mean? In this article, we explore what resident-centred care is designed to achieve and how leading aged care provider, SummitCare, is putting its principles into practice.

The concept of resident-centred care is not new to responsible nursing home managers and operators.

It describes the conscious and considered ways that enhance all dimensions of a resident’s health and wellbeing, from their physical health to their intellectual stimulation, creativity and spirituality, to their ability to make choices about how they want to live.

This all-encompassing perspective views and respects seniors as individuals, which in turn enhances their quality of life.

SummitCare has been practising resident-centred care since opening the Wentworth Convalescent Nursing Home in New South Wales in 1966.

SummitCare CEO, Michelle Sloane says that more than 50 years later, now with nine aged care residences in Sydney and Wallsend, Newcastle across the group, ‘we work hard every day with our residents and their families to consider desires, family and support situations, interests and lifestyles.’

“Our approach sees each resident as an individual so we can work together to find appropriate solutions, programs and care options.

“It’s about giving residents what they want. While it is completely personalised, it means that we are compassionate and respectful, and thinking about things from each resident’s perspective.”

Resident Focus

SummitCare’s commitment to resident-centred care is based on their Wellbeing principles, their charter to develop partnerships with all residents, ensuring that each person has the opportunity to achieve an active and socially engaged lifestyle in the manner that they choose.

“Each of our aged care homes creates engaging programs for all residents to participate in if they choose, be it a simple walk and talk group, a stroll in the local parks and reserves or gentle exercises and therapies developed by trained Allied Health professionals,” adds Michelle.

“Residents and their families can be assured that there is something for everyone with a variety of options in place to suit specific needs, interests and abilities.”

“At SummitCare, we take time to learn about what matters to individual residents, such as the activities they enjoy, what they like to eat, where they have lived, what work they have done in the past, their family situations and histories, and their favourite places. We immerse ourselves in our residents’ worlds so that we see the person, and find as many ways as possible for them to feel valued and happy in an aged care environment.”

As well as a comprehensive and diverse range of activities and programs, SummitCare has a special dedication to residents’ end-of-life needs through expert palliative care.

The group is proud to provide professional clinical, moral and spiritual support at the end of people’s lives. SummitCare takes care of residents from the day they move in until the end, supporting resdients and their families with very personalised sensitivity and compassion.

“At every stage they are with us, we are committed to supporting our residents to enjoy healthy, happy, safe and fulfilling experiences in our homes,” says Michelle.

“Our commitment to resident-centred care means everything to us and is at the heart of everything we do.”

To make an enquiry with your local SummitCare home, visit our list of aged care homes to learn more.

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