Hayylo Communications App Shines

SummitCare’s new app for communicating with families, Hayylo, has launched to great success!

We now have over 300 family members using the platform, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about how easy it is to use and navigate through the menu options.

Some of our families have told us “Great idea. Well done.” “Love this! Excellent idea to simplify and streamline.” And, “Loving the online connection.”

An award-winning client and family communication and enquiry management tool, Hayylo has been designed specifically for the Aged Care and Disability Care sectors. It’s now working across all of our homes as a unified communication platform to connect our residents and their families to us.

We shut the closed Facebook groups on 30th May, so families can interact more fully on the SummitCare app.

We encourage all our families to download the app, continue to enjoy social posts and send requests to our Customer Service Team to book visits or a hair appointment, or send a care enquiry.

Hayylo is available at your finger tips. If you need help with downloading the app or require assistance, please contact the Customer services teams at your respective homes as they are available to help.

SummitCare partners with Hayylo to provide unified communication between residents and families.

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