May Fagan - Smithfield Resident

May Fagan is a resident whose life journey has been marked by remarkable changes in the world, memorable moments and the enduring bonds of love and family.

Early life

Growing up in Scotland, May’s childhood during World War II is etched in her memory. She recalls the sound of air-raid sirens, seeking shelter with her family during frightening times, and the practice of covering windows with newspapers to avoid detection by German planes.

May also remembers the exciting introduction of television. Her family became trendsetters as they acquired a small 12-inch black and white TV, becoming the first in their street to own one. The memory of neighbours gathering in their loungeroom to watch Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1953 remains vivid, contrasting with the current reality of streaming content on mobile phones, a technological leap that May finds astonishing.

Cherished family gatherings were filled with laughter and music, with May reluctantly playing the piano while her aunts performed beloved songs like “Danny Boy” and “The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond. ”Her 13th birthday brought her a beautiful “British racing green” Raleigh bicycle, becoming her prized possession, which she rode for hours through the countryside.

Moving to Australia

Leaving Scotland for a better future, they faced uncertainty and adaptability during their six-week sail to Australia in 1962. The sudden loss of May’s father-in-law, who had been the guiding force in their migration, was a devastating blow. Despite this tragedy and the offer to return to Scotland, May and her family chose to persevere and fulfil their father in-law’s dreams.

Love, life and family

May was married to her beloved Jim for an extraordinary 48 years, sharing a profound bond and experiencing life’s adventures together. Their serendipitous meeting in their late teens while working near each other in Scotland marked the beginning of a lifetime of love and companionship. Aside from personal milestones, May cherishes two unforgettable experiences. One was a brief conversation with Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Scotland, the other was a special audience with Pope John Paul II, an extraordinary moment that left a lasting impression on her heart.

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