Meet Ari Canaan

What is your earliest childhood memory?

I am born after World War II, so at that time there was proper food to eat and no work. But after 1960, my home country (Italy) started to develop and get better.

What is your favourite type of food, and do you have a favourite dish?

Italian food or anything that is salty .My favourite is a bowl of soup.

What is your favourite book and why do you enjoy it?

History book, Astrological books, Architectural books, Because I love to learn new things and gain knowledge. I used to design and draw the classic letters for work and I am very good at that.

Were you married and for how long?

I was married to my wife for 45 years. I am a lucky man and happily married.

What is the secret to a successful long marriage?

Affection, forever love, self respect, commitment and the most important thing is respect for each other.

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