Meet John Applegarth

Marriage & Family

I married Carol – it was the proudest day of my life. I got to spend my life with her and we were married for 68 years. We have two daughters and are blessed with six grandchildren. I hold them very close to me.

What is the secret to a successful long marriage? Trust each other and stick together when times are hard.

Influence – my father was my greatest influential person in my early family life – he was a very sensible man. Our family survived the second World War – we all had a very close bond and stuck together. My parents taught me to stay honest and be kind to all people.

How many siblings do you have?

I have three siblings. One of my favourite things to do as a child was to make a snowman in winter. Christmas is my favourite time of the year.


Favourite Movie:

Gone with the Wind - It’s a good traditional movie with lots of history.

Favourite Hobby:

I love being on my computer

Favourite Music:

I enjoy listening to jazz and blues music.

Favourite Food:

I really like fish and chips!

Most Treasured Possession:

My military medals which I gained from my time in the Malaysian emergency and my time serving in Northern Ireland.

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