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Given the highly personal nature of aged care work, you often have the opportunity to improve people’s quality of life to spread happiness and develop meaningful connections with the people in your care, as well as their close friends and relatives.

We are proud to share with you a glimpse of Senora Sofia Vda de Laiyos life story.


Sofia was born in Argentina, 84 years ago. A primary school teacher in her native country, she is a widow, and a devoted Catholic with a Spanish cultural background.

Family and Personal relationship

Sofia was married to Miguel Laiyos for 6 years, and has been blessed with 2 children. She managed the household while working with her husband’s support. She remembers her husband as a great provider, who was kind and loving. Miguel was a good car mechanic. Sofia is a proud grandmother to 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.


Sofia was a former primary school teacher and wife. She chuckles when remembering a yearly “Teachers Day Event“ in Argentina. Every year, as a gift, the children would give their teachers a bucket of flowers. Sofia remarks that “I hated that day because I knew children had spent their money to buy me flowers”.

Migration History

Sofia, her beloved husband Miguel and 2 children left Argentina in 1968. They lived in Rockingham, Perth. Miguel got a job as a car mechanic while Sofia worked in the plastic bottle manufacturing industry for a short time (3 months).

Life in Australia in those early days was challenging for Sofia and Miguel as they adjusted to Australian culture and grappled with the language. In 1974, after they had returned to Argentina, suddenly and sadly Miguel passed away following an accident. Sofia lived in Argentina for another 2 years with her children. During that time they were struggling to make ends meet in a failing economy and the living conditions were harsh. Sophia decided to permanently migrate to Australia to create a better life for her and her children.

SummitCare as my preferred home

Sofia chose SummitCare Liverpool because her daughter-in-law is working here as a chef, her name is Claudia. Sofia has no regrets in choosing SummitCare Liverpool. “Management and staff are so nice, everybody is very nice to me”, says Sofia.


While living in SummitCare Liverpool, Sofia has regular and ongoing activities that give her great enjoyment. Every morning Sofia engages in easy to follow exercises for her physical and mental health.

Sofia’s granddaughter Chloe introduced her to Diamond Dot Art. Chloe bought me a Peacock Diamond Dot picture and it was that very first picture, Sofia was convinced it was too hard for her. She was saying “ No way I can’t do it - that is too difficult” Chloe was very enthusiastic and encouraged her. “Yes Grandma you can do it!” Sofia recalls how funny that argument was and how sweet her granddaughter Chloe is.

After that first attempt, I started loving it and am now very proud of my work. I like everyone to look at my artwork and say “WOW” when they see it - “that’s made me very happy” says Sofia.

“I have to say thank you to SummitCare Liverpool for supporting my artwork by holding an Art Exhibition showcasing residents’ artwork, including my own art. It was a really nice memory and meant so much to me.”


Sofia’s greatest achievement was raising her children to become wonderful, loving, God fearing people, who are all successful in their chosen careers.

Lesson in Life

Be more resilient, learn to live in the present (life must go on). Value your family and health in wealth.

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