Moving On Audits Provide Valuable Benchmarking

We have moved to a new Moving on Audit (MOA) system that suits our business requirements comprehensively, allowing us to better prepare for accreditation and continuously improve our quality and safety. It allows for all standards in regards to quality indicators and not limited to clinical indicators, to allow better understanding of all aspects of the business.

SummitCare adheres strictly to all laws and regulations that benchmark our service against important industry standards. Our attention to compliance is one of the features that sets us apart.

Monthly audits, tied to the national Aged Care Quality Standards will support our homes to maintain compliance and achieve best practice outcomes across all of our homes.

Audits are reviewed and updated by the Moving on Audit team and industry experts.

Another feature of the program is a monthly quality indicator that SummitCare uses to monitor trends and identify risks.

Michelle Sloane, SummitCare CEO, says that MOA is a high quality reporting system that helps not only with audits and accreditation processes, but more importantly gives residents and their families real assurances.

“On-demand auditing and reporting allows us to plan, prioritise and progress day-today practices and improvement initiatives that keep our residents as safe, healthy and protected as possible.”

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