Penrith Panthers Heartwarming Visit to SummitCare Penrith

In a beautiful display of community spirit, the Penrith Panthers made a memorable visit to our Penrith home in January. Led by Glen Liddiard, Indigenous Wellbeing Officer and former Panthers player and Grand Final winner, the visit was focused on engaging with our residents.

Our residents were treated to meeting a number of the current players which included Brian To’o, Jerome Luai, Sunia Turuva, Mavrik Geyer, Jack Cole, Liam Henry, Soni Luke, and Casey McLean. These players, donned in the iconic black, red, yellow and green, actively participated in a range of activities to brighten the day for our residents.

The players rolled up their sleeves to share in the daily routines of our home by taking part in delivering meals to our residents, showcasing another side to them beyond the rugby field. This personal touch created a sense of camaraderie and connection between the players and the community they represent.

The visit wasn’t just about collective activities; players also engaged in one-on-one visits with residents in their rooms. These intimate interactions allowed for the sharing of stories and experiences, creating meaningful connections that went beyond the realm of sports.

Autograph sessions proved to be a highlight, with residents collecting cherished signatures from their sporting heroes. The players, in turn, graciously lent their time to sign memorabilia, leaving a tangible and lasting reminder of the day.

Adding an entertaining flair, the players showcased their singing and dancing skills, bringing much laughter from the residents. This holistic approach to the visit ensured that every aspect of the residents’ well-being was addressed, emphasising the positive impact high performing athletes can have beyond the sports arena.

SummitCare would like to express our gratitude to the Penrith Panthers organisation, and the players for taking time out of their busy schedule to spend time with our residents and staff. The day was a great success and will remain a positive highlight in the memories of everyone for a long time ahead.

We wish the Penrith Panthers all the best for success in the 2024 season.

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