See Me. Know Me. Now at SummitCare

As we age, some people only see lines and grey hair rather than the stories, feelings, beliefs and experiences that make us who we are.

The See me. Know me. campaign is designed to help seniors feel more valued, to connect them with family and friends, and ultimately to empower them to find aged care services that will truly tune into them as a whole person.

At SummitCare, we use the program to better understand our residents’ pasts, their family histories, careers and hobbies so we can develop individual care plans to meet their social and care needs.

Inspired by the strong positive initial reaction to See me. Know me. poster series, Meaningful Ageing Australia has published conversation starters for seniors to use with their families and friends, to share a bit about their story, their values and interests. This is all part of SummitCare’s work to respond to each resident in a highly personalised, relational way, meeting the human needs for meaning, purpose and connectedness.

As the cold weather sets in, SummitCare residents enjoy a range of activities to keep them cosy, moving and make the most of the season.

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