Social Inclusion Week

Social Inclusion Week (21st – 29th November) aims to help all Australians feel valued. This years’ theme is Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate!

Created by Dr Jonathon Welch AM, founder of the award-winning Choir of Hard Knocks, Social Inclusion Week is about connecting local communities, workmates, family, and friends to build and strengthen relationships and networks to address isolation and exclusion.

SummitCare homes develop a range of tailor-made activities that align with our Wellbeing Framework, a roadmap to customer focus and satisfaction.

Meaningful Activities, one of the key focus areas, ensures all residents are able to enjoy life with a range of interests and activities that are meaningful to them and their own individual needs.

“SummitCare Vision, Values and Wellbeing Framework details our approach to adapting and improving services of practice so they are welcoming, safe and accessible for everyone,” says Sue Smith, Corporate General Manager – Wellbeing & Lifestyle Compliance.

“Social Inclusion Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity in our community and to connect and support those members of our community who often feel excluded”.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was announced in February 2020, Summitare realised the importance of inclusion and impact of isolation during this time.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, social isolation has also been linked to mental issues and emotional distress. It has also been linked to the development of dementia, premature death, poor health behaviours, smoking, physical inactivity, poor sleep, and biological effects, including high blood pressure and poor immune function (Hawthorne 2006).

High levels of social isolation are also associated with sustained decreases in feelings of wellbeing (Shankar et al. 2015).

By being inclusive of all cultures, age groups, nationalities and abilities, SummitCare celebrates social inclusion every day of the year which is something we are proud of. This keeps our residents, happy, engaged and healthy so they can live their lives the way that they choose.

Learn more about SummitCare home activities by contacting your local SummitCare home here.

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