The Importance of Staying Connected

Human connection is more than a source of comfort; it’s a lifeline, especially for the elderly. Studies consistently highlight the link between social interaction and improved mental and physical health and can even boost cognitive function, keeping the mind as active as the heart.

As the temperature drops and outdoor activities dwindle, it’s easy for our older loved ones to feel a little isolated during the cooler months. Staying connected becomes even more crucial during this time and is vital for emotional and physical wellbeing.

At SummitCare, we recognise the critical role that social connections play in keeping residents engaged, happy, and forward-looking. There are a number of ways we aim to add a little extra warmth to the cooler months:

Enhanced Indoor Activities
During the winter, we shift focus to indoor activities to keep residents engaged and connected. These include group exercises, book club, crafts, visiting entertainers, themed cuisine days and other communal activities that add a little extra fun to the day.

Support for Family Visits
Recognising the importance of family ties, we welcome regular family visits and especially grandchildren!

Preschool Visits
These visits at SummitCare are more than just delightful encounters; they are vital for promoting intergenerational connection and engagement. These visits offer the chance to interact with young children, which can be incredibly stimulating and rewarding. The energy and curiosity of children can create a really wonderful and lively atmosphere.

Pet Therapy
This has become part of our approach to holistic wellbeing. Known for their therapeutic effects, interactions with animals can be an absolute source of joy that enhances emotional health. Studies have also shown that pet therapy can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and even boost levels of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters associated with happiness. Our furry friends certainly brighten the day when they come to visit.

Staying Connected Online
For families that can’t visit due to distance or busy schedules, technology can help bridge the gap. Video calls make it easy for residents to stay in touch with their families, ensuring no one feels disconnected during the winter months.

When winter sets in, remember, the need for warmth goes beyond physical comfort - it extends to emotional and social warmth as well. Human connections are critical components of holistic aged care, promoting better health and happier lives for our older family members.

Come and visit us soon!

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