Health and wellbeing are essential in maintaining a good quality of life - at SummitCare we are committed to providing opportunity for social engagement and focused on promoting a person self worth in a warm and welcoming community. We have created a unique additional care and services offering - the options available will suit every individual whether your looking to celebrate an anniversary, take a day trip to the beach or simply enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

We understand that moving away from your home into a new environment can be very difficult for you and your loved ones and that its important to continue to enjoy the life that you were used to and not give up on the things that matter to you.

At SummitCare you will always receive the highest quality of care and service in accordance with The Aged Care Quality Principles and The Aged Care Accreditation Standards however you can also complement the care and services that are set out in the ‘Specified Care and Services Schedule’ and choose from a range of extra options aimed at enhancing your lifestyle and quality of life. These can be purchased as a one-off items or as an ongoing service depending on what you want and desire.


A day at the spa offers benefits to the health and wellbeing of everyone. From pain relief to stress management and relaxation. By stimulating circulation and easing stiff joints, massage treatments release endorphins and reduce stress, providing a sense of comfort and physical contact.

Aromacare is a collection of premium essential oils designed especially for sensitive skin. The pack includes skincare products that help repair damaged skin, increase hydration and maintain skin integrity. The massage oils reduce muscle tension, relax and relieve joint pain, promoting general wellbeing. If you have a special requirement we can also arrange a tailor-made oil blend, just for you or your loved one. 

Birthdays anniversaries and weddings are all important milestones. Why not simply enjoy the special occasion and leave the logistics to us? From use of the private dining room*, to decorations, a photographer or an escort to a wedding, we’ll work to ensure you have the best experience possible.

The ‘Out and About’ programme will offer your loved one a chance to explore the local community while catching up with friends and family. From visits to the local club for lunch to day trips to the beach, garden centre or shopping, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Plus, we also accommodate personal preferences, allowing residents to visit their favourite spots. 

*Not all SummitCare home's have private dining.


Enjoy catching up with family and friends in a warm, friendly and safe enviroment. SummitSocial choices include;

  • High Tea includes: tea or coffee, scones with jam and cream and a selection of sandwiches 
  • Deluxe High Tea includes: tea or coffee, scones with jam and cream, a selection of mixed sandwiches and a selection of petite desserts and tarts
  • BBQ Pack: Cook up a storm! Includes: (for four people) sausages, steak, bread rolls, butter, sauce, salad, drinks, ice-cream, BBQ hire and gas, cleaning, disposable plates, cups and cutlery
  • Special Event includes: If you are celebrating something special for example an anniversary or birthday.

We will work with you to create a personalised experience that is tailored to you and your guests. 


Enjoying food and a glass of wine is not only about the taste at the time, it’s about the memory of past times and the experiences. A meal can be a time for social interaction, a place to form friendships and reminisce. Food is important - for many of us it’s the highlight of our day so at SummitCare our Executive Chef has created small additions such as selecting a beautiful wine to compliment the menu as well as developing gourmet entrées to satisfy all palates.  

With SummitXtras you can enjoy either;

  • A glass of beer or wine served daily OR an entrée,
  • A glass of beer or wine and entrée. 


SummitCommunity is an extention of our Home Care services enabeling personal one on one support. We can arrange outings including;

  • Visiting places such as the beach, attending church, coffee with a friend, seeing a show or having a meal at your local club 
  • Day trips to see some of Sydney’s magnificent sights
  • Assisting you to attend local health and medical appointments. 

Please contact your home to find out more about our additional care and service options or call us on 1300 68 55 48.