A Life in Harmony, Sandra (Helen) McAllister

Sandra, 82, shares her memories from a small Scottish town and a fleeting moment of being lost at the age of two.

Pride gleams in her eyes as she reminisces about leading “The Sixer of Brownies Girl Guides” during her school days, enjoying the level of responsibility.

At the core of her happiness was when at a serendipitous meeting on a bus trip, an Elvis movie date, she met her future husband. Sandra and her husband were blessed with 29 years of marriage and the fulfilment of having four boys and a girl.

Her culinary joys include Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and Haggis and her cherished moments include Christmas, a time for family and presents.

Baking and knitting were amongst some of Sandra’s favourite pastimes, they created many fond memories for providing warmth and comfort for her family.

Life’s lessons to share are to be good, be kind, respect others, and embrace the golden rule. Family, especially her parents, sculpted her character, a sentiment she holds eternally. The key basis to her enduring marriage is teamwork, love, respect, and the commitment to never going to bed leaving an argument unresolved.

Sandra’s life, a serenade of love, family, and timeless lessons, paints a canvas of a life lived in harmony

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