Celebrating 65 Years of Marriage, Valentinas & Erna Kutas

Valentinas and Erna Kutas celebrated their 65th anniversary on January 24, 2024. Erna migrated to Australia from the age of 10, Valentinas at 20, and their paths crossed at a friend’s place, sparking a love that lasted a lifetime.

After a whirlwind courtship of three months, they married six weeks later, honeymooned in Katoomba, and settled in Shortland. Their home, built next to Erna’s mother’s house. witnessed the joys of raising two sons and a daughter.

Active members of the local Lithuanian club, they danced monthly and travelled with friends. Valentinas’ green thumb sustained them by selling veggies and chrysanthemums which funded their holidays.

Erna shared the secret to their enduring marriage: Communication. In a world of change, their love story stands as evidence to the simplicity of love and the strength found in shared dreams.

Valentinas and Erna Kutas’ journey is a reminder that love, understanding and communication, can withstand the test of time, creating a legacy in the heart of Shortland.

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