Cooking from the Heart, Robert Higgins

In the seaside haven of The Entrance, young Robert’s earliest memory unfolds on old wooden benches, savouring fish and chips by the sea with his Mum and Dad. He was unaware that this moment would be the appetiser to a lifelong culinary journey.

Fifty years in the kitchen transformed Robert into a culinary legend within his family and beyond. His prowess led him to a momentous encounter - cooking for the Prime Minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam. A culinary maestro, Robert’s dance with flavours left an indelible mark on his illustrious career.

COVID-19, an unexpected twist, showcased Robert’s resilience as he weathered isolation without symptoms. Meanwhile, Thailand became a canvas for his dreams, where he owned six restaurants, overseeing the construction and design of two - a personalised gastronomic journey.

Chef Robert Higgins, a storyteller in the language of taste, moved from seaside nostalgia to culinary triumphs, crafting a delectable odyssey that remains etched in the records of time.

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