From the Fields to the City, Mary Kilmurray

Mary Kilmurray’s childhood unfolded on a dairy farm at Upper Lansdowne surrounded by 13 siblings. Her earliest memory was helping her father welcome a newborn calf into the world.

Life on the farm wasn’t easy, marked by struggles to put food on the table. Despite challenges, Mary holds dear the lessons from her parents, especially her mother, whose absence still echoes in her heart. “They raised us kids to be hard working. I loved the good, hard life my parents gave me,” she reflects, embodying the “salt of the earth” spirit.

Country and Western music became the soundtrack of Mary’s life, her husband a lead player in the band ”Nite Lights”. After getting married, she and her husband ventured into farming themselves before eventually transitioning back to city life, where Mary spent 12 years working for Telecom.

With seven sisters and six brothers, the Kilmurray family found joy in the simplicity of tennis, cricket, and football in the local district. Mary’s advice is simple yet profound: “Be good to your Mother and Father, as they have given you a good life.”

In Mary’s words, cherish family, honour your roots, and let love guide you through life’s open book.

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