Generations of Love, Mary Bryans

Mary grew up as the youngest of seven children. Growing up in Belfast, which she described as “a beautiful place back then,” Mary said she had a lovely childhood and didn’t get into trouble. “I had a very strict mother and older brothers and sisters,” she explained. Her father was in the army during WWII, so Mary spent a lot of time with her mum. “We used to make Cornish pies together,” she said, feeling nostalgic.

Seaside adventures were a bright spot in Mary’s childhood. Her mother was born in Bath in England and the family would often go back there for holidays. “Going to Bath was fun; there were always amusement rides on the beach,” she remembered. “We used to stroll on the boardwalk, and I would make friends and we would play together.”

One of Mary’s most memorable experiences was when her father returned from the war. “I was only little, but I missed him dearly,” Mary said. “He was changed when he came home, more withdrawn, but I just liked having him back.”

Mary’s proudest moment came on June 4, 1960. “The day I got married,” she beamed, “it was a big wedding in Belfast, a beautiful day, and I was very happy.” That day marked the beginning of a new chapter, filled with love and joy.

Reflecting on her life, Mary shares her best piece of advice: “Don’t let life stress you too much.” Wise words from a woman who had seen the world change around her, yet held onto the simple joys and moments that made her the woman she is today.

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