George Talbot - St Marys Resident

George Talbot, a St Marys resident with a rich life story, loves talking about his favourite memories and moments.


Reflecting on his childhood, George fondly recalls the time spent swimming in the local creek at Smithfield. His favourite travel destination was Burleigh Heads in Queensland, where he enjoyed precious family time on a memorable holiday back in 1973.

The birth of his five children stands out as the most significant experience in his life. George takes pride in his extensive family, boasting seventeen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Although distance keeps him from seeing them frequently, he finds joy in the precious moments he shares with them whenever possible. He says his great sense of humour came from his Dad.

George’s advice to future generations includes embracing laughter and avoiding drugs.


His working life started early, when at 8 years of age, he sold newspapers at Fairfield Railway stations. Professionally, George’s career mainly revolved around driving trucks for Dalgety Wool Store in the city. He also ventured into the role of a mobile security guard, taking on the responsibility of safeguarding a vast area. Among the many experiences that shaped George’s life, one unforgettable moment was when he worked as a security guard and had to intervene in a theft incident. He shot the thief in the leg, leading to the criminal’s apprehension by the police.

Favourite things

When it comes to simple pleasures, he loves savouring a good steak topped with fried onions and mushrooms, served with mashed potatoes and gravy. His favourite cars are the Ford Zephyr and Holden. George loves John Wayne, Glenn Ford and Errol Flynn movies.

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